Sunday, October 15, 2017

A review of London's Zuma restaurant

Zuma giant dessert tower
Trying to write a blog post review about a high end modern Japanese restaurant I visited two weeks ago in London's Knightsbridge isnt the easiest task. So for inspiration, am kicking off my saturday morning by drinking champagne in bed at 8am in the hope that such Brexit averse living will reignite memories of that nights decadence. It may also be that I just want an excuse to drink at this hour, so adding apple juice to the champagne was the perfect healthy balance. Who say's I cant do healthy?. Okay, am going off track. Back to Zuma. The venue itself wasnt overwhelmingly luxurious, but still oozed class. You had your wooden tables like classic japanese restaurants , granite bench tops and decor that reminded me of  Roka . The atmosphere was electric even at 6pm and the vibe in this restaurant is one that makes you want to have a very good evening by maxing your card out on fancy cocktails and lobsters. My friend was celebrating a new aquisition so it was only right we reminisced about things finally working out after a number of years. So celebrate we did. Sake, cocktails, tequila and more cocktails while eating some very tasty dishes really made this a lavish evening that ended in Bulgari and Novikov.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Review of private menu tasting event

I received an invitation a couple of weeks ago while stuffing my face at a Jollof rice festival in Lagos, Nigeria. This invitation was from Tholani, the moderator of an African culture blog. The event itself was hosted by an up and coming chef called Victor Okunowo with a brief that involves us food lovers/bloggers critiquing his dishes prior to a planned Eight Course supperclub taking place in October called Ounje.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Majority of you already know how I feel about a good plate of spicy jollof rice, so on hearing about an Eat drink Lagos Jollof festival taking place at the Nigerian railway compound, Ebute-Metta, I just had to attend.The last blog post I wrote featured a Jollof rice dish that was quite lacking in taste and substance as such an opportunity to stuff my face at a festival that had various types of Jollof rice couldnt be missed. The brief given to the various vendors at the festival was to re-imagine Jollof and after trying out the various combinations, the vendors definitely met the brief. The various dishes we tried out were;

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Ikoyi London restaurant review

Ikoyi London
A few friends mentioned a Nigerian fusion restaurant that opened up last month at a spot on St James market street, a stones throw from Piccadilly circus station called Ikoyi London. A vibrant foodie neighbourhood in Lagos ( Ikoyi) with tons of good restaurants seems to have lent its name to this new west african fine dining restaurant in the heart of London. The brain child of Ire Hassan Odukale and Head Chef Jeremy Chan formely of Nobu , the whole idea behind the menu seems to revolve around showcasing West African dishes with a twist to a wider audience. Nigerian restaurants inevitably mostly attract Nigerians and have often wondered why some of the most flavourful dishes I have ever tasted ( Spinach melon seed stew, Jollof rice, banga soup : check out my  Lagos blog posts ) arent in top restaurants on the high streets. On speaking to friends, it seems the lack of popularity of the Nigerian / west african dishes are due to multiple factors,

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lagos Restaurant review : Craft Gourmet

Delicious spaghetti

The last blog post i wrote focussed on very affordable restaurants in Lagos , Nigeria and this review will touch on a slightly more expensive restaurant called Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker based in Victoria Island's Mega plaza mall. It was quite a surprise that a gem of a place was hiding in what i can only describe as an outdated looking mall. You pretty much know you are in for a treat however on entering the restaurant. Wide open spaces, tons of lighting,  white table tops, wooden floors and potted plants makes you feel like you walked into an upmarket restaurant in London bridge. I had to look behind me as the door felt like something out of Narnia.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tasty dishes in Lagos , Nigeria

Pounded yam and friends : vegetable and palm kernel soups

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